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What to Bring?

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1. Social Security Card or ITIN letter for FILER(S) AND ALL DEPENDENTS.  If you don’t have these documents for yourself, your spouse, or a dependent, please contact the Social Security Administration to get them before your tax appointment.
2. Photo ID for filer(s). 
3. Proof of all income such sa W@'s, 1098's, 1099's, records of money received and expenses paid if self-employed, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Department of Human Services (DHS) benefit letter(s), or any other documentation of money received during 2014 for filer(s) and all dependents.
4. A copy of your 2013 tax records
5. Proof of minimal essential health care coverage for filer(s) and all dependents such as: W2's, 1095's, and 1099's.
6. For Advance Premium Tax Credit, bring form 1095.
7. For health care coverage hardship exemptions granted by the Health Insurance Marketplace, bring the letter showing the hardship exemption certificate number for all filers and dependents who qualify.
8. For Itemized Deductions bring receipts for property taxes and license plate fees paid, cost of medical expenses, mortgage interest statement, and donation receipts for 2014.
9. For the Child Care Credit, bring the total amount paid by you, along with the name, address and tax identification number of the person or center who cared for your child.
10. For Education Credits, bring all 1098-T statements for 2014, a print out of all student account summaries for 2014, and receipts for all course-related books and materials purchased in 2014.
11. For the Homestead Property Tax Credit: homeowners bring 2014 summer and winter tax bills. We MUST see actual bills. If you taxes are escrowed, or if you cannot find your bills, please contact your village township, or city treasurer to get copies. Renters' names have to be on the lease. Renters need to know how much they paid in rent and the name and address of their landlord.
12. Home Heating Credit. If you have an account with Consumers Energy, bring a bill that shows your 2014 home heating credit amount. This information can be found in the News You Can Use section, or by calling (800) 477-5050. If you have any other energy provider, or use wood, gas, or fuel oil bring in your bills for October 2013 thru September 2014.
14. Direct Deposit. Bring the account number and routing number of your bank or credit union.

IRS rules state that we are only allowed to prepare taxes for clients whose total household income is less than $53,000.  Also, we are unable to help international taxpayers or taxpayers with military income, rental income, or clients who have businesses with employees, expenses over $10,000, inventory, or incurred a loss in 2014.


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